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Blatchford, a rehabilitation and mobility specialist, has launched a new waterproof prosthetic which boasts an extended range of ankle movement for users – EchelonER.

Building on the original Echelon prosthetic and combining its unique features and award-winning technology, Blatchford’s latest hydraulic ankle gives users a robust, waterproof and versatile design.

EchelonER boasts an extended range of ankle movement – up to 25° – and provides users with more ground compliance on steep slopes and uneven terrain. The extended range of movement also allows for greater accommodation in heel height, says Blatchford, giving users more freedom in their everyday lives.

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Combined with improved accommodation of heel height, users have greater flexibility with footwear choice and a seamless transition to barefoot walking is possible.

Additionally, EchelonER self-aligns with the ground when users are seated which facilitates a relaxed foot position, a natural look, and reduces pressure on the residual limb.

Learn more about EcheleonER in the short video below:

EchelonER uses the extended range of movement selectively, depending on certain activities, to prevent excessive energy expenditure.

When walking at higher speeds for example, the range of movement decreases and the foot springs become more dominant, leading to higher levels of energy return. At slower speeds, the range of movement increases to enable the foot to conform to the ground more effectively.

According to Blatchford, the Echelon prosthetic range is built with a focus on replicating a natural and safe walking experience, making it popular with amputees worldwide.

The announcement of EchelonER follows Blatchford’s recent launch of ElanIC, a lightweight microprocessor hydraulic ankle that is clinically proven to give greater comfort, improved safety, a smoother gait and balanced limb loading.

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