Blatchford ElanIC image

Specialising in advanced prosthetics, Blatchford has launched ElanIC, a lightweight and compact waterproof microprocessor hydraulic ankle for amputees.

Boasting a discreet, compact and lightweight design, ElanIC is clinically proven to give greater comfort, improved safety, a smoother gait and balanced limb loading.

Blatchford says the unique features of the new hydraulic ankle ensures users do not have to compromise on the activities they love.

The innovative prosthetic supports the user’s health needs alongside protecting their bones and joints from the additional wear and tear that is common for users of prosthetic limbs.

Featuring simple and safe induction charging technology, ElanIC is sealed from the elements, meaning that the prosthetic is waterproof and giving users peace of mind.

The microprocessor ankle mimics the natural function of the foot and ankle, adapting hydraulic resistance and providing “exceptional” energy return to give users stability on slopes, steps and uneven terrain.

By enabling the wearer to distribute weight evenly when standing and walking, the result is a smoother, safer, more natural walking experience, Blatchford emphasises.

See ElanIC in action below:

ElanIC also incorporates a standing support mode that increases resistance when stationary to help improve balance, stability, reduce effort and encourage a more natural posture.

In addition, ElanIC incorporates Blatchford’s award-winning biomimetic hydraulic technology which provides a range of scientifically proven benefits (from clinical studies). This includes increased ground clearance, reducing risk of trips and falls; improved control and safety on slop negotiation; and increased walking speed.

Founded in 1890, Blatchford is manufacturer of prosthetic technology, bespoke seating solutions and orthotic devices.

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