Gel Ovations Multifunction Forehead Stabiliser image

Gel Ovations Europe has launched its new Multifunction Forehead Stabiliser for clients with Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease, Huntington’s Disease, spinal injury and other conditions requiring cranial stabilisation.

Part of the company’s growing Sta-Rite range of rehabilitation solutions, the new unit combines a headrest and multi-adjustable forehead stabiliser. It has been designed to provide users with ‘head drop’ a higher level of comfort and skin protection compared to traditional forehead straps.

Developed in consultation with occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists and users, the new unit has been designed for use in a variety of applications including wheelchairs, shower chairs, and children’s functional seating.

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The Forehead Stabiliser incorporates Gel Ovation’s Dimensional Gel Padding for added support and comfort. Encased in an easy-clean neoprene cover, the gel inner core provides cooling, whilst eliminating shearing, friction and pressure.

Adaptors are available enabling the client to use the stabiliser with their existing headrest. This is particularly useful when clients are using switches and controls incorporated within their existing headrest. Adaptors available are 1” Ball, ¾” Ball, Whitmeyer and Comfort Company.

The cranial equilibrium maintained by the unit, says Gel Ovations, makes the Sta-Rite unit particularly suitable for users who use eye controls to operate their computers and smart devices.

Constructed from high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy, the Forehead Stabiliser has been designed to be easily adjusted to the user’s exact physical needs, locking securely in place for maximum user safety and stability at all times.

Available in a choice of three standard headrest sizes from 10 inches to 14 inches in length, the stabiliser has been designed to be easily released and flips back out of the way by 180 degrees, for convenient user disengagement.

Sta-Rite manufactures a comprehensive range of high-performance wheelchair accessories, engineered for strength and flexibility.

Used throughout the NHS for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, Gel Ovations Dimensional Pads improve tissue viability by providing sedentary patients with a soft, cooling layer of protection. Precision engineered from medical grade silicone, the pads feature a matrix of soft ‘buttons’.

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