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Newly-formed charity Dementia Carers Count has launched a range of one-day courses for family carers, aiming to give them additional support and skills while they care for a loved one.

The new courses offer a bite-sized approach, covering specialised subjects which can help carers to build the skills and confidence to see them through the challenges that caring can bring.

These one-day courses are part of a new series from Dementia Carers Count called “Caring About…”and will focus on the emotional and practical needs of carers, encouraging them to look after themselves as well as helping them understand the needs of the person with dementia.

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Courses cost £40 per carer, including lunch, and cover the following topics:

  • Caring About Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Difficulties will help carers to recognise and respond to the difficulties that people with dementia can experience with eating, drinking or swallowing.
  • Caring About Choosing the Right Care Home aims to guide family carers who are facing the prospect of moving a family member or friend into a care home which can feel stressful and be an emotional experience.
  • Caring About Relationships and Feeling Secure will explore the types of relationships and bonds that family carers may have in their lives, including the person with dementia that they care for. Participants will learn about how to manage stress so both they and the person with dementia can feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

Dementia Carers Count has a unique vision: that all family carers of people with dementia will feel confident, supported and heard.

Dr Gemima Fitzgerald, Psychological and Talking Therapies Lead at Dementia Carers Count, said: “If you decide to come on one of our one-day courses you will meet others in similar situations. We want to provide you with some support so you can return to your caring roles feeling better equipped and re-energised.

“We know it can be hard for family carers to leave the person with dementia, even for a short time. We hope that once they’ve  tried a one-day course with us, they will go on to book the three-day residential course, which can offer even more insight and empowerment, as well as much needed rest and relaxation.”

Visit the website for more information about the courses and to book.

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