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The first temperature control system for wheelchairs is now available for all wheelchair seating types following the launch of a new rigid back integration service.

After months of development, WheelAir has expanded its integration options and announced that rigid back wheelchair users can now enjoy full temperature and moisture control via the WheelAir System. It means WheelAir’s innovative cooling airflow system can be fitted to any wheelchair and seating configuration.

The WheelAir System, which helps wheelchair users to regulate their own temperature and humidity, can be integrated or retrofitted into rigid back wheelchairs in two weeks. The system works by dispersing air evenly across the user’s back to lower their core temperature, keeping the skin dry and clean, and stopping users from overheating in their wheelchairs.

Now, the system can be integrated onto rigid backrests – something that is quite difficult to achieve due to the nature of customisation, WheelAir says.

To use the new service, users should book a consultation with the WheelAir team and ship their backrest to the company’s headquarters, and then WheelAir returns the backrest with the WheelAir System integrated into it.

The rigid back integration development follows on from the launch of the WAgo and WAcare product lines in May 2021 and provides further support to wheelchair users with more specific and complex seating needs.

Corien Staels, WheelAir Managing Director, described the rigid back integration service as a “very exciting development” for the company.

She said: “Launching products in this industry that retrofit wheelchairs is very difficult due to the nature of customisation. For years we’ve had to pass on enquiries from those with rigid backrests, because we didn’t have the ability yet to modify them ourselves.

“Through a close partnership with one of our Dutch custom seating partners, as well as our own product development, we’re now able to customise nearly any chair and backrest to provide temperature and moisture regulation.

“For now these integrations will be done in the Netherlands, but we’re looking to set up similar partnerships in other countries too, so that we can do these modifications locally.”

For full details on the rigid back integration service and to book a consultation with the team, visit the website 

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