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The company behind the first temperature control system for wheelchairs has launched a new line of products that aim to keep users cool and in control in their chairs ahead of summer.

Scottish start-up WheelAir has revealed the new WAgo and WAcare lines, aimed specifically at heat, humidity and moisture control among wheelchair users and offering a more tailored service for clients.

This new line of products includes ‘off-the-shelf’ options as well as modular solutions for individuals with more complex needs. The company has further released an extensive clinical assessment toolkit to help clinicians evaluate their clients’ heat and moisture-related symptoms.

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“We are thrilled to finally launch the new product lines,” said Corien Staels, WheelAir Managing Director. “Not only do they add more versatility to our product range but they also show we’re at the forefront of the conversation around heat and moisture management for wheelchair users.

“The new products, such as the WheelAir Cushion Cover, mean that our technology is now available for every wheelchair and type of seating system. On top of this, the company has really advanced our clinical evidence in the last year with literature reviews, temperature hand humidity testing and the heat and moisture risk matrix.”


WAgo is WheelAir’s ‘off-the-shelf’ line, meaning the products are immediately available to purchase and can be fitted straight to the client’s wheelchair as soon as they arrive, without the need for technical expertise or assistance.

The most notable arrival in this line, according to the Scottish start-up, is the WheelAir Cushion Cover. This is a specially designed seat cushion cover that can be fitted to any wheelchair cushion to provide effective temperature and humidity control for wheelchair users.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for a cushion cover, and it’s something that we have been working on for a while, and we are delighted to make it available,” commented Corien. “We are very happy with the finished product and can’t wait to see them in use!”

Other additions to the WAgo line include the customisable Lumbar Support cushions and Tension Adjustable Straps. Corien adds that the classic Slingback has returned “stronger than ever” after some technical updates.

WheelAir Cushion Cover image
WheelAir Cushion Cover


WAcare is WheelAir’s modular product line, which provides fully customisable solutions, in coordination with the company’s authorised partners, for complex seating needs. A clinician or technician can select the desired component and configuration of the WheelAir System, depending on the users’ requirements.

Alongside the new product launches, WheelAir has conducted new research and developed an extensive clinical assessment toolkit to help clinicians evaluate their clients’ heat and moisture-related symptoms.

“Heat and moisture are well-known risk factors for those working with complex seating needs and so we wanted to reflect this in our product range,” continued Corien. “WheelAir has spent the past five years researching heat and moisture to better understand how to recognise symptoms.

“We have now created clinical tools to improve the efficiency of evaluating heat and moisture risks for wheelchair users. All of this, ultimately, solidifies the evidence-base used to justify the purchases or reimbursement of WheelAir products.”

WheelAir was founded by 29-year-old entrepreneur Corien Staels in 2016 in Glasgow, UK. It specialises in effective temperature regulation solutions for wheelchair users.

Last year, the company partnered with powerchair specialist Precision Rehab to create a bespoke solution for powerchair users. The collaboration saw the V2 WheelAir cushion integrated on a bespoke Paravan PR50 powerchair.

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