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Specialist provider Medequip Connect is working to match the rapid pace of change within the technology-enabled care (TEC) sector with the introduction of two new online services, which are designed to inform and assist both professionals and individuals in identifying and sourcing the right equipment for independent living.

Its objective is to make this information readily accessible, improving the overall quality of the TEC service.

The two new services have been designed around ease of accessibility and ease of use. They are provided free of charge with no obligation to buy.

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The first service – ‘Book a Demo’ – is accessed via the Medequip Connect website. A blue button on the home page main navigation invites professionals or users to book a product demonstration. Medequip Connect says this process is quick and easy. Through entering a few details, it triggers a call back from specialist staff to book an online virtual demonstration focused on equipment matching specific needs.

The service is available for professionals, including carers, occupational therapists (OTs) and GPs. It is also open to the general public wanting to identify the right equipment to support their loved ones.

The second service is a quick and easy online referral process for professionals, accessed via the green button at the top of the home page on the website. This links to an online form designed for GPs, OTs, carers and other professionals to fill in to complete the referral.

It is a quick and easy questionnaire asking relevant questions about individual needs and types of equipment, and once reviewed by a specially trained TEC expert, triggers a call to the service user to complete the process and arrange an installation. This can be in-person or by post to support those in remote locations or who are self-isolating.

Medequip Connect’s objective is to demonstrate how new developments can improve functionality for individuals, exploring how TEC can make a vital contribution to daily life.

In May, Medequip Connect extended its TEC service across the Carlisle area, which, alongside personal care alarms, equipment and support, provides a 24-hour emergency response service to provide total protection for elderly and vulnerable residents.

The service offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to individual requirements. These range from simple analogue base units connecting to a telephone line with pendant call button and link to a 24/7 monitoring centre, through to more sophisticated digital devices including automatic fall detection systems and voice-activated alarms that continue to operate even during power outages.

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