OrCam Technologies, an artificial vision innovator for people who are vision impaired, blind or have a reading disability, has announced the introduction of the world’s most advanced wearable assistive technology solution according the company. The OrCam MyEye utilises a small camera mounted on the user’s eyeglass frame to instantly read any printed text in the immediate environment.

Via a discreet earpiece, the device can instantly read text from any source – including newspapers, books, computer screens, restaurant menus, and street signs – as well as recognise faces of individuals and identify products. Every OrCam MyEye device is hand-delivered by a certified OrCam Trainer who teaches each new user how to incorporate the device’s technology into daily life.


Rami Ben Yehuda, OrCam Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations said: “OrCam is passionately dedicated to providing independence through our unparalleled artificial vision technology.

“Whether it’s reading a morning newspaper, recognizing the approach of a loved one or choosing a favourite item in the supermarket, our mission is to improve quality of life.”

The device is available across multiple regions across the globe, including the United Kingdom.

To find out more information, visit the website HERE

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