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Bambach – which is proven to help the user sit comfortably, while relieving back pain and preventing posture-related problems – is 25 years old and Bambach UK says it remains as popular as the day it was introduced.

Designed by Mary Gale, an Australian occupational therapist, The Bambach Saddle Seat has an interesting story behind it. While using horse riding as a therapy, Mary noted the profound effect that sitting on horseback had on the sitting posture and trunk control of individuals with neurological symptoms.

From her findings, she identified the need for a seat that could replicate the saddle sitting position, with the pelvis being in its upright, neutral position, resulting in improved posture and a healthy ‘S’ shaped spine. This is where The Bambach Saddle Seat was born.

In the UK, around 2.5 million individuals experience problems with their backs on a daily basis, according to Bambach UK, while pain in this area is listed as the main cause of disability worldwide. Unfortunately, for many, the simple everyday act of sitting is one of the biggest culprits in creating back pain.

Conventional seats force the spine out of its natural healthy ‘S’ shape, into a less natural and unhealthy ‘C’ shape. This results in musculoskeletal problems, such as lower back pain, and compresses internal organs that can lead to posture-related issues with backs, necks, arms, hands and shoulders.

The Bambach Saddle Seat not only relieves back pain, it also eliminates the source of future posture-related back pain by keeping the body’s centre of gravity directly above the sitting bones, thus maintaining the spine’s natural ‘S’ shape, even when stretching or leaning forward. Meanwhile, energy consumption is reduced because the postural muscles in the core do not need to work as hard – as they do with other seats – to keep the body upright.

Custom-built to suit every user, giving genuine support, and naturally relieving and preventing back pain, The Bambach Saddle Seat has proved itself to be the ‘seat of choice’ for many during the past 25 years.

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