Ipswich care village image
Credit: Westerfield Care

A multi-million-pound care village for elderly and disabled residents in Ipswich, Suffolk, could transform how residents are cared for by building a community around them, bringing everything they need to them.

Westerfield House is an Ipswich-based care facility that supports and provides accommodation for residents. However, with the ageing population radically increasing, there are concerns that people with restricted mobility will struggle to go outside and get involved with the wider community.

To help tackle this issue, Westerfield House’s director, Mac Khan, has developed a new concept which aims to bring all care facilities to the residents.

Care village image
Credit: Westerfield Care

Called a “care village”, the proposed site would not have 147 assisted living apartments alongside a communal area with shops, a restaurant, hairdressers, cinema, pharmacy, day centre and light gym area. It is expected that the new development would also create around 100 new full-time jobs.

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The care village would enable residents to live independently, and the various activities and facilities on site would help combat feelings of isolation amongst elderly people or people with dementia.

“With a care home, you still have to go out and about,” Mac told the Ipswich Star. “A care village caters for everything you need.”

The proposed care village, which also includes a 92-space car park, has been recommended for outline planning permission at Ipswich Borough Council’s planning committee meeting.

Mac concluded: “We need to emphasise that this is one of its kind in Ipswich. Nothing like this has ever been done in Suffolk. It will bring a lot of benefits to the community. It’s such a needed facility. We want to make sure residents are given the best.”

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