Loopwheels Carbon wheel image

Giving wheelchair users better stability and control, Loopwheels has launched its Loopwheel Carbon wheel, containing 12 percent more carbon to its vibration reducing springs.

The company says that the new wheel delivers increased lateral stability and better cornering at speed for wheelchair users, as well as an attractive and desirable carbon finish, ensuring clients have an aesthetic and functional wheelchair wheel.

Gemma Pearce, Managing Director of Loopwheels, said: “We have been listening to our customers who told us that they wanted a Loopwheel that performed better at speed and had a more technical appearance. That’s what we have been working on, by adding more carbon into our existing high-performance springs. We are delighted with the result.”

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In September 2018, Loopwheels carried out research to find out about the extent to which vibrations in wheelchairs can be harmful to users, causing health issues such as lower back pain, spasms, spasticity, pressure ulcers and fatigue.

Results showed that its wheels can reduce damaging vibrations by up to 70 percent in the range of 5hz to 13Hz compared to a standard spoked wheel, with the company producing its ‘Clinical Indications for Loopwheels’ as a guide for healthcare professionals.

The document highlights to healthcare professionals and carers that its wheels can improve the lives of wheelchair users, meet their requirements and contribute positively to their health.

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