Pure Air 6 is a specialist pressure redistribution system, available in 2 lengths; the Lite Air is a standard 200cm long and Paediatric is 180cm long.

Pure Air 6 has been designed specifically to give optimum therapy for lighter, smaller patients and children. This unique system is suitable for patients up to very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have existing tissue damage.

The Pure Air ‘Extra Care’ range is designed to provide a one-stop shop for specialist pressure area care needs, delivering a pathway to individual care.

Additional features include:

  • Two cell alternating over a 10 or 15 minute selectable cycle
  • 6″ depth including 4″ air cell complete with integral 2″ foam base (15cm)
  • 26 fully alternating air cells (Lite Air), 24 fully alternating air cells (Paediatric)

To find out more information, visit the website HERE

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