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Remtek Systems and Spellementary have announced they are participating in this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), promoting the use of digital technology to create more inclusive environments.

In its eighth year, GAAD focusses on access and inclusion for the more than one billion people with disabilities and impairments. The aim is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access, inclusion and people with different difficulties through a range of international events.

These events are both physical and virtual and are due to take place in: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, UK, and USA.

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Inspiring talks at the UK event in London on 16th of May include: ‘Bridging the gap between digital and physical accessibility’, ‘Dyslexia without Borders’, and ‘Actioning accessibility (Lightning talk)’.

With accessibility driving inclusion for everyone, companies and organisations are aiming to create environments that work for those impaired by their situation, circumstance, body or mind.

Remtek Systems and Educational Software Innovations, the company behind Spellementary, is behind this drive for inclusion and is pleased to be involved in GAAD 2019.

Both UK-based companies are dedicated to supporting individuals with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) and are leading the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) industry with their commitment to each individual learner.

Remtek Systems has been supplying DSA Students for over 30 years and has developed an extensive knowledge base of assistive technology and training, and supported thousands of students through their studies.

Spellementary is a revolutionary word-finding and literacy tool, initially designed for individuals with SpLDs, helping individuals to find the spelling of words with greater ease and less frustration.

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