Silvalea is planning the reveal of a ‘top secret’ new sling innovation which the company believes will change the patient sling industry. The new product will be launched at the OT Show in November.

What the innovation actually is, the company will not say. However, MD Pauline Guilfoyle (pictured) has told us that the innovation, which has been developed over the last 3 years, will be a significant advance in providing a more hazard free sling solution.

Pauline said: “There are always hazards with slings, fitting, fixings, and inadequately trained individuals can all contribute to potential accidents. If we can remove just one of these potential hazards, then we are doing our job. As a leading manufacturer Silvalea has always sought to improve patient slings in order to add comfort and safety for our end users and carers.”She

She added: “This development is set to change things quite significantly and solves a potential hazard which has long been inherent in sling fixings.”

Gary Bevan, Sales & Operations Director says: “We have long worked with OT’s and healthcare professionals, not just providing sling solutions but working with them to develop solutions for complex patient scenarios, with their help and input Silvalea has continued to create a high-quality, high-performance transfer product range and we would like to acknowledge their part in our continued success by previewing this innovation at the OT Show.”

Silvalea has, since 1993, had a history of developing innovations in the patient sling market – from the first Parasilk In-situ sling to 3D performance sports fabrics to name just two. The company will be on stand G50 at the OT Show 23rd – 24th November.

The website for the company is HERE

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