IKEA has announced the launch of new products to its OMTÄNKSAM range, aiming to give people with disabilities greater independence through comfort, function and safety at home.

OMTÄNKSAM means “thoughtful” in Swedish and encompasses the idea of care that the products bring. The new range is due for global launch in May 2020 and is part of IKEA’s vision to improve everyday life for people, regardless of age or ability.

Speaking about OMTÄNKSAM, IKEA said: “About 15 percent of the world’s population live with some form of disability. With the OMTÄNKSAM range – developed in collaboration with ergonomists, physiotherapists and researchers – IKEA is helping people overcome obstacles that make it difficult to enjoy an independent life by adding extra comfort and functionality.”

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New additions to the range will include products for the kitchen, bathroom and kitchen, confirms IKEA, adding that “hardly any other company in the home furnishing business is addressing these issues.”

Initial products in the OMTÄNKSAM range were launched in 2017 and included comfortable chairs, supportive cushions, an easy-to-lift vase and jar grippers to help individuals unscrew lids.

This is not the first time the furniture giant has addressed accessibility needs, with the company launching its ThisAbles range of add-on products in April 2019 and revealing its home-based UPPKOPPLA accessible gaming prototypes more recently.

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