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“Finally people have heard that the power GTE model, with its built in off-road ability, weighs a third of some machines”

We caught up with Mike Spindle, MD and founder of Trekinetic, manufacturer of the rather unique, but increasingly popular, on and off road Carbon Fibre manual and power wheelchairs to find out about sci-fi film debuts, F1 technology and this year’s Mobility Roadshow.

Larger than previous shows, the Trekinetic’s stand with a new striking backdrop graphic was showcasing the first trailer and exclusive interview for new blockbuster Sci Fi movie ‘DXM’ due for release early next year. The movie features a Trekinetic K2 on screen as the plot surrounds an injured Parkour (freestyle) runner. Starring Sam Neil and set a few years into the future, it also focuses on a group of bio engineers, who make a discovery that could point the way to restoring motor functions to damaged spinal cords. In case you missed it, the trailer and behind the scenes Featurette of the fascinating must-see new film, will shortly be on Trekinetic’s website.

The trailer alone can be seen here:

Additionally, we received notice of a short video produced for Santander, the well-known Spanish bank. A major sponsor of Formula one, Santander saw an opportunity to show that their investment in the high octane technology has far wider reaching benefits. Because Trekinetic is based on F1 technology, they flew a film crew over to Trekinetic’s Hemel Hempstead factory for the whole story.

Watch the polished video here:

Talking about the Mobility Roadshow, Mike told us: “As in previous years, the show was successful for us, because it’s a way for us to meet the end user. Although the show was smaller (no charity type stalls this year) we had quality visitors.”

Mike continues: “Many had done their research and some were ready to place orders. Directly off the stand we sold one K2 and 2 GTEs, one to Malta. To us that’s almost £28,000 worth of orders and we know there will likely be more to come in due course. It’s not unusual for us to get orders years after the show as not everybody is purchase ready, when they first discover Trekinetic.”


Mike told us the company is now really in the ascendancy and the £9,595 GTE power chair is by far and away the best seller. Mike finished: “It’s not that we have ignored the manual K2, there are plenty of orders for those, it’s just that finally people have heard that the power GTE model, with its built in off-road ability, weighs a third of some machines. It can be carried in a conventional car and that suits a large market sector who now realise that they need not spend their Mobility Allowance on a new vehicle.”

You can see Trekinetic updated website on HERE or call 01442 252700

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