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A new webinar that explores single-handed care and whether it has a place and impact within the NHS while it copes with COVID-19 is being hosted virtually this Friday.

Deborah Harrison, Managing Director of A1 Risk Solutions, will be presenting the webinar in collaboration with Direct Healthcare Group’s Ethos webcast series on Friday 8th January from 12-1pm.

Direct Healthcare Group launched the online Ethos webcast resource in November to provide interactive and educational content for clinicians and healthcare providers.

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As part of this resource, Deborah’s upcoming webinar – ‘Discharge to Assess Using A Single-Handed Care Approach’ – considers hospital capacity and discharge to assess processes, as hospitals up and down the country try to cope with a huge surge in COVID-19 patients.

All health and social care services have been stretched this winter, Deborah notes, seeing more hospital beds blocked due to increased demand during the pandemic.

By attending the webinar, delegates will gain a better understanding of the discharge to assess (D2A) process. It explores changes to the process due to COVID-19 and since September 2020, and whether these changes are realistic or not.

Furthermore, clinicians will learn more about the D2A model’s current impact on community services, compare the different models that are currently being used and explore whether the D2A solution is being used appropriately. The webinar will also help attendees identify and develop potential solutions and evaluate whether single-handed care can be part of the D2A process.

To register for the webinar, click here https://lnkd.in/ga4QTUf

Registration is limited and works on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so interested delegates are being encouraged to subscribe as soon as possible.

A1 Risk Solutions is an independent organisation that specialises in moving & handling evidence-based training and complex assessments.

Deborah Harrison is a manual handling specialist and the managing director of A1 Risk Solutions. She originally qualified as a nurse and is now an honorary lecturer at the University of Salford in the Occupational Therapy Directorate.

Deborah has been the author of several publications in manual handling and single-handed care. She has carried out four pieces of national research work focussing on single-handed care, online technology, competency assessment and risk assessment tools.

Deborah is also currently developing a single-handed care risk assessment tool as part of an international collaborative approach and a hygiene sling assessment tool.

As a regular contributor for AT Today, Deborah has written several articles for the publication about single-handed care.

The first article in her series explores barriers to single-handed care, who healthcare professionals should engage with and potential benefits. The second article examines the principle barriers to single-handed care in depth, introduces the concept of an engagement day and provides ideas on setting this up.

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