2in1 AirPure accessible push disinfectantCleaning and home fragrance company AirPure has released a new home sanitiser with an “innovative” push spray, designed to be inclusive for all and assisting people with varying ranges of mobility.

Keen to make cleaning products and disinfectants more accessible to everybody, AirPure recently launched its 2in1 Press Fresh Air Freshener & Sanitiser. Available in three fragrances (Citrus Zing, Linen Room and Sparkling Berry), the two-in-one action is proven to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses, AirPure states.

Clients with severe hand mobility restrictions can use the “uniquely designed” spray lever, allowing a large number of individuals to use and safely disinfect surfaces, protecting themselves and their loved ones while freshening their homes.

At a time when sanitisation and regularly cleaning items and surfaces is critical to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is important that disinfectants and hygienic cleaning products are accessible for all to use, according to the company.

AirPure believes that some current disinfectant products are not accessible for people with reduced mobility. Listening to the frustrations of those with mobility difficulties that struggle to find an easy-to-use spray, AirPure understood that traditional disinfectant sprays tend to be large and heavy, which can be difficult for people with limited dexterity to use.

Robert Keeling, Managing Director at AirPure, said: “Everyone needs to be protected in their homes, and now more than ever, disinfectant products need to be accessible for all.

“We have seen a growing demand for people with mobility restrictions asking to be catered for with their cleaning routines and our 2in1 Press Fresh Air Freshener and Sanitiser gives the user the chance to spray their surfaces, door handles, bins, bathrooms and more with a product that will kill 99.9% of bacteria in their homes.

“We’re excited to say that the initial response to the product design has been extremely positive.”

AirPure says that it is planning to launch more products to assist those with restricted hand movements.

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