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WheelAir, creators of the innovative cooling backrest cushion for wheelchair users, is presenting a free webinar for healthcare professionals in coordination with LC Seating, manufacturers of custom-made seating solutions for wheelchair users, on heat and moisture in seating.

Entitled ‘Heat and Moisture in Seating’, the two-hour webinar takes place on 15th June from 1pm to 3pm. The session will be presented by WheelAir’s Corien Staels and Nienke Conijn.

By attending, healthcare professionals will learn more about the effect of heat and moisture in clients with complex seating needs, and how WheelAir can help address some of these issues.

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The webinar is free to attend and interested participants can register here.

Heat and moisture are well known risk factors for those working with complex seating needs. WheelAir has spent the past five years researching this topic to better understand how to recognise symptoms.

The company has now created tools to clinically evaluate a client’s heat and moisture risk, and provided the evidence to justify the purchase decision.

In the two-hour webinar, Corien and Nienke will offer an introduction to the origin of WheelAir. This will be followed by an overview of conditions most known to have heat and moisture issues; the influence of outside temperature and relative humidity on conditions; and recognising non-verbal symptoms in clients who are experiencing heat and moisture issues.

The session will then explore how to clinically evaluate clients and how to justify the decision to install WheelAir.

To conclude the presentation, the webinar will look at how WheelAir products can be integrated in custom seating, how LC Seating is doing this, followed by some case studies.

Last month, WheelAir announced a new line of products intended to keep users cool and in control in their chairs ahead of summer. The WAgo and WAcare lines are aimed specifically at heat, humidity and moisture control among wheelchair users and offering a more tailored service for clients.

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