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The parents of a 22-month-old boy from Greater Manchester with cerebral palsy have praised the equipment provided by a leading Sheffield-based postural support specialist.

Max Wilson, from Northenden, was born with cerebral palsy and received an Atom chair from postural support specialists Jiraffe, shortly after his first birthday.

Atom by Jenx is a seating system designed to give children with additional postural needs the right amount of support in order to develop correct seating posture and maximise function.

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The chair has enabled Max to join family activities with ease – the adjustable height means he can sit up high with his parents or lower it to his sister Mia’s table height.

Max’s dad Simon said: “We love the Atom chair and use it every day in a variety of ways – the fact it’s on wheels is great. We move him from room to room – so whether we’re dancing in the kitchen or zooming around the living room, Max can join in!

“It has helped us join together as a family for important communal activities, such as eating and playing, whilst enabling Max to be supported and comfortable. It gives us the freedom as parents to facilitate these daily activities and ensure he gets the most of out of them.”

Max Wilson imageThe seating system also aids Max’s development by giving him the ability to engage with sensory play – the big tray allows for a variety of toys big and small, allowing him to comfortably sit and play for up to an hour.

Simon added: “The chair has really helped Max physically – he has improved weight bearing through his arms on the tray and his foot shape has improved by using the sturdy footrest.

“It’s great that we can remove the head rest too, as this has improved his trunk strength and head control.”

Jenx is a family-run business that manufactures products to help children with special postural needs including seating, standing, sleeping and therapy equipment. Jiraffe is the company’s UK distribution division.

Holly Jenkins, Director at Jiraffe, said: “We’re thrilled to hear that Max has gained so much more freedom through his use of the Atom.

“Atom is designed to support the child, ensuring a good seating position and allowing them to focus on the important tasks of playing and learning! It is fantastic to see Atom transforming the lives of children like Max and his family.”

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