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Outsourced equipment provider Millbrook Healthcare has been successful in retaining the contract to deliver community equipment services (CES) in Surrey for an additional nine years from 4 April 2022, following a comprehensive tender process.

The CES provider has some planned improvements to the service, including introducing a new system to free up prescribers’ time and giving service users more control of their orders.

In line with its vision to enhance the health and wellbeing of communities through exceptional service and solutions, Millbrook Healthcare will work with service user groups to co-design new services to deliver better care and service user satisfaction.

Millbrook Healthcare will be working with its lead commissioner, Surrey County Council, and its Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) health partners, Surrey Heartlands and Frimley, to put service users, their carers, and their families at the heart of the service. The provider intends to offer choice and convenience in providing equipment such as walkers or bed rails, and minor adaptations services, such as installing handrails and ramps, to enable people to live independently.

Some “exciting” developments and changes are being implemented within this new contract, including Millbrook Healthcare Group’s new CARES system, which is a new technology.

The CARES system integrates several industry-proven applications to enhance ways of working with more effective and simple solutions. It provides consistent information to allow prescribers to focus on service users, not on administration. It also enables service users to have more control of their orders and track their deliveries.

Lee Davies, Commercial Director for Millbrook Healthcare, commented: “We’re delighted to have retained this contract, which is a great achievement and testament to the good work by my local Surrey Millbrook team.

“We’re looking forward to continuing working with Surrey County Council to provide the community equipment service in Surrey. Our partnership will deliver greater value and outcomes for service users and the wider health and social care community.”

The retention of the contract means that Millbrook Healthcare can continue its work in providing community equipment across Surrey, making improvements to make equipment and services more accessible from prior contract knowledge.

Millbrook Healthcare has also relaunched Mi-Guardian with a new website and product range, making the company’s assistive technology products easier to purchase online and offering an easily accessible 24-hour telecare service for clients.

Millbrook Healthcare specialises in the provision of community equipment, wheelchair, assistive technology, and home improvement agency services to the NHS, CCGs, local authorities, and self-pay clients.

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