Yorkshire Care Equipment has launched the new, highly-versatile Lento Care Chair, with the company stating the chair is capable of meeting the seating needs of 80% of the population.

Claiming to be one of the most versatile models on the market, the company used years of experience and insights gained working with healthcare professionals including OTs and physios to create a chair capable of overcoming the shortcomings of typical care chairs.

Tom Hulbert, Yorkshire Care Equipment’s CEO, said: “The Lento will fit a higher proportion of people than other care chairs on the market, which is excellent for multi-user environments where different patient’s needs have to be met. The sheer adjustability of the Lento along with all its different built-in features make it incredible value for money.”

yorkshire_mobility_group_TNThe new Lento will, according to the company, suit the needs of about 80% of the population, with the versatility of the Lento providing care facilities with the opportunity to adjust the seat and provide support and comfort to various patients.

Band 6 Physiotherapist Padraig Finn said: “The Lento is leaps ahead of other care chairs due to its adjustability. Having a single chair that can cater for optimal postural support in many people with even the most complex postural presentations is an exceptionally useful quality in care equipment.”

By requiring just one chair, the Lento aims to offer greater value for money and less need for made-to-measure seating.

Tom continued: “This is a great step forward for Yorkshire Care Equipment. The versatility of the Lento means that we don’t need to waste time waiting for made-to-measure seating to be made by a different supplier. We can immediately provide and fit the Lento, which saves a lot of time and money. The Lento is just the beginning for our own Yorkshire Care product range.”

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