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A helpful new assistive technology (AT) conference is set to run in June 2020 which will make sure products and services are accessible to all and will look at individuals’ wants and needs.

The AT conference will be ran by CECOPS, an independent user-led body, and voice, for assistive technology services, in conjunction with the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), a membership organisation representing the healthcare and assistive technology industry.

Helping to shape the future of assistive technology services, the conference will ensure products and services are accessible and provided in a coherent, integrated and person-centred way. CECOPS and the BHTA note that this is crucial in light of the ageing population, the need for people to be more independent, and for those wanting to manage their own health.

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The conference will also look at all assistive technology services, such as digital health, telecare, community equipment and wheelchair services, communication and sensory equipment, smart homes, home adaptations and environmental controls, and across all sectors in line with the interoperability of these types of service.

CECOPS CEO Brian Donnelly said: “This unique conference will consider all assistive technology services at policy, planning, commissioning and delivery levels, as well as the future design, demands and requirements of these services.

“Given the crisis in health and care, nationally and internationally, addressing these issues now is critical. It is exciting therefore to be running this event with our colleagues at BHTA. Their industry knowledge is second to none in the UK and will bring a lot of expertise to the table.

“This combined effort will help to shape the marketplace, and support organisations in the planning and delivery of assistive technology services both now and in the future.”

The conference will cover all aspects of provision including the planning, commissioning, procurement, service delivery and clinical and technical aspects, with a focus on the needs of users and carers.

Additionally, the AT conference will gather people from across all sectors, such as clinical and technical staff, commissioners and service providers. It also boasts a number of national and international speakers.

BHTA Director General Andrew Stevenson commented: “It is an exciting time with all of the new products, technologies and innovations coming into the marketplace; however we need to ensure these are ready to be adopted and people know how to access them.

“Proper planning and delivery of assistive technology services is key to solving many health, care, wellbeing and accessibility issues. It is exciting to work in association with CECOPS on the delivery of this much needed conference, especially given their expertise and commitment to improving quality and outcomes in the AT space.”

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