Invacare ISA Stand Assist Lifter imageThe newly launched Invacare ISA is an innovative ergonomic Stand Assist Lifter, which is designed to support elderly and disabled people who cannot transfer from one seated position to another unaided and to encourage standing rehabilitation.

The device is compact, fully adjustable, community-friendly and promotes a natural pattern of movement. It is designed so that the combined operation of the ‘Telescolift’ lifting arm and ‘ErgoSupport’ lower leg support assists a natural sit to stand movement, engaging muscles, thus helping to support safe, comfortable transfers and assist rehabilitation.

Key features of the lifter include removable footplates in three different heights and an extendable lifting arm, offering nine positions for a range of heights, as well as a soft, padded lower leg support that has built-in articulation to move with the lower leg.

The handgrips also provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip. For carers, an ergonomically shaped push bar helps to improve positioning and manoeuvrability, and flexible hooks provide quick and straightforward sling attachment.

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Its compact size, base with curved legs and large castors make transfers and manoeuvring around beds and chairs easier.

In addition, the Invacare ISA Stand Assist lifter allows for a more natural stand which creates a safer, more comfortable and efficient transfer for elderly people and those with disabilities, as well as their carers.

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