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An OT Q&A regarding the technologically advanced TGA WHILL Model C powerchair

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Ailsa Reston has been a qualified OT since 1986 and is co-owner of RKS Occupational Therapist Services in Cheshire. As part of her private practice, she assesses client needs, wants and risks, and hence prescribes appropriate mobility products for enhanced occupational performance. As a champion for inclusion and accessibility, she is an advocate of solutions that encompass the latest in technological innovation. By prescribing these products, her clients benefit from the best in comfort, independence and support – resulting in the ability to lead fulfilling lifestyles with enhanced well-being and positivity.   

Ailsa Reston, OT, has identified the innovative WHILL Model C Powerchair from TGA as a leading choice for improved mental and physical well-being. Its advanced styling, ergonomics and technology deliver a mobility solution that, from a healthcare professional’s point of view, strengthens confidence and self-esteem for users.

How does TGA WHILL Model C improve mental health and well-being?

They feel confident and more accepted as the appearance of the wheelchair is not clinical. It’s all about the ‘feel good factor’.

How is the TGA WHILL Model C ergonomic?

The controls on the WHILL Model C are akin to a computer mouse and so can be used with the palm of the hand – making manipulation easier for people with arthritic fingers or limited hand function. The WHILL Model C has a small footprint and can turn on its own axis, hence providing easier access.

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Explain how TGA WHILL Model C improves occupational performance

Owners have been more involved in activities outside of their home and improved their social interaction. It can be used for traveling by car, train or plane, making holidaying more accessible. WHILL improves a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence leading to greater psychological benefits.

How can OTs justify grant funding towards TGA WHILL Model C?

WHILL Model C has a contemporary design and helps owners remain positive and confident. Its looks are perceived as more in keeping with modern society and allows inconspicuous mobility in the outside world.


What type of user is TGA WHILL Model C most appropriate for?

The TGA WHILL Model C is appropriate for those people who do not have complex postural needs and require mobilisation over longer distances.

Why is TGA WHILL Model C better than other powerchairs from a clinical point of view?

From a mental health perspective, the design and styling of this powered wheelchair provides users with greater self-confidence and self-worth. They feel they are using attractive equipment that fits into their lifestyle and is not embarrassing.

Please summarise the suitability of TGA WHILL Model C from an OT’s perspective

The TGA WHILL Model C is a quality product that is ideal for semi-ambulant users who value product style and usability. This product resolves many barriers to independence through design that is viewed more positively resulting in greater inclusion within society.

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