AKW 1000 Series image
AKW 1000 Series

AKW, a provider of accessibility solutions, has announced the launch of its new range of shower seats, which will be available from late March.

With the addition of the new entry-level 1000 Series and the upgrade to AKW’s 3000 Series, the company can now provide a shower seat to accommodate for every adaptation requirement and price point.

Developed in consultation with occupational therapists, users and installers, the new 1000 Series and updated 3000 Series shower seats complement AKW’s 2000 and 4000 Series ranges and deliver functionality and safety without any compromise to style.

AKW has created the new entry-level 1000 Series to ensure that there is a shower seat at every price point. As well as having side transfer and colour padding options for users with visual impairments, the 1000 Series is also height adjustable, has a padded backrest on the frame and a maximum weight 25 stone.

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AKW 3000 Series image
AKW 3000 Series

AKW’s improved 3000 Series shower seat offers users and installers a strong, durable chair, without the full specification of the 4000 Series. This mid-range shower seat is height adjustable, has a half back support with padding and PU arms with top padding. It also has a maximum weight of 30 stone.

Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW, said: “Our aim is to ensure that all accessibility needs are met with our products. With this in mind, we have reviewed our shower seat ranges and introduced the 1000 Series, to ensure that all user requirements are taken into account.

“With the introduction of the 1000 Series and the additional improvements we have made to the 3000 Series, installers, occupational therapists and end users now have a shower seat to suit any need, or budget.”

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