MIP UK Aurrora Chairpad image

MIP UK, a specialist in healthcare textile products for hospitals and long-term care facilities throughout the UK, has launched its new washable Aurorra Chairpads and Floorpad range for a durable solution to help manage continence care.

The range has high-level stain-release properties, according to the provider, which makes it more energy efficient when laundered. The chairpads and floorpads are designed to blend with furniture for a discrete continence solution.

Aurorra Chairpads and Floorpad consist of three layers. The top layer is made of a comfortable quilted Aurorra material that possesses “excellent” stain-release properties; the core layer is an absorbent soaker, which combined with the resilient PVC fluid-proof barrier layer protects the client’s furniture; and the textured bottom surface helps the pad stay in place.

Paul Crabtree, Managing Director at MIP UK, explained: “The Aurorra range is the next step in continence care technology from MIP. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, as well as proving to be more cost-effective as a long-term solution.

“The excellent stain-release properties in the Aurorra material makes the chairpad a more efficient pad to wash and dry, giving a durable solution to help manage continence care.”

While the Aurrora Chairpad is designed for use on chairs, the Aurrora Floorpad can be used beside the bed, under a commode, on a sofa or larger chair, and in cars for a multipurpose continence solution.

The new Aurorra Chairpad comes in a range of colours, maroon, blue, green and brown, to suit the user’s furniture, while the Aurorra Floorpad is available in maroon. This continence range is now available to order from the MIP UK website.

Earlier this year, MIP UK launched a new colour addition to its Sonoma Bedpad range, which delivers high absorbency to give clients more confidence and peace of mind.

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