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Independent living specialist AAT has introduced an innovative way for carers to easily, safely and single-handedly lift care home residents after they have had a fall.

AAT’s Raizer II mobile lifting chair is a component-based portable, lightweight and strong solution that flat-packs into a convenient carry bag for storage and transportation. It means anyone, regardless of size, can safely lift residents from the floor, including bariatric individuals.

Raizer is assembled around the fallen person with minimal disturbance and minimal effort from the operator. At the push of a button, the battery-motorised seat gently and consistently powers the chair and occupant from flat on the floor to a safe seated position.

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An end stop ensures the person is not over-elevated and gives the operator the correct position for dis-assembly after use.

The six core elements – four identical legs and two identical back sections – quickly and easily click-fit together with no risk of incorrect assembly. The occupant is fully supported throughout the process and kept stable and safe with use of the integral adjustable seat belt.

AAT Raizer II imageRaizer can safely lift any person up to 150kg, with each charge of the battery capable of delivering up to 80 lifts. All components are designed to be wiped clean for optimum disinfection and hygiene.

“Elderly people in care homes are three times more likely to fall than those living at home, according to the Care Inspectorate,” observes Peter Wingrave, AAT Director. “This is no reflection of the standard of care given; it does leave the resident and care staff exposed to risk in safely getting the resident back up again, particularly with the growth in obesity among residents.

“Use of equipment such as Raizer II can play a key role in any good moving and handling policy. It takes the effort and risk out of the procedure for all involved.”

Raizer is already used by a number of health authorities and organisations up and down the country to facilitate the safe transfer of fallen people.

Find out how AAT’s Raizer II works by visiting the website where you can also book a free virtual or actual assessment and ask any questions via LiveChat.

Alternatively, email sales@aatgb.com or telephone 01978 821875.

AAT recently worked with occupational therapists to create the Aqua Liberty bathing concept.

Based around AAT’s innovative vacuum posture cushion, Aqua Liberty precisely forms to the bather – irrespective of physical and/or neurological conditions – stabilising the head, trunk and pelvis individually.

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