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AAT, a specialist in stairclimbers and vacuum posture cushions, in partnership with disabled people, carers and OTs, has created the Aqua Liberty bathing concept to “plug the gap” in supported bathing.

Aqua Liberty is the first, and only, bath system that comfortably enables the bather to be properly and safely supported in the bath with minimal physical intervention from a carer, AAT claims. It means the bather can relax and enjoy the hygienic and therapeutic benefits of being immersed in water.

Based around AAT’s innovative vacuum posture cushion, Aqua Liberty precisely forms to the bather – irrespective of physical and/or neurological conditions – stabilising the head, trunk and pelvis individually.

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The system comprises a pioneering mechanism for securing the cushions in any bath. Secured into place with integrated suction cups, Aqua Liberty provides a stable, non-slip base during bathing that can be easily removed for other members of the household to use the bath.

Aqua Liberty provides a stable receiver for AAT’s innovative vacuum posture support cushions, which can be moulded to comfortably support the occupant without pressure points or rigid structures.

A range of cushions is available to suit a wide range of users and baths.

AAT Aqua Liberty imageAAT also says that Aqua Liberty is multi-purpose. The advanced neoprene covering of the cushions provides further sensory positive stimulation, whilst being waterproof and wipe-clean to COVID-safe standards.

Additionally, the cushions can be detached and air dried quickly, enabling their use to deliver postural support in any chair, static or wheeled, including in the car.

“We strongly believe Aqua Liberty is a game changer,” says AAT Director Peter Wingrave. “We have a reputation for being the UK’s leader in innovative support for people with special needs, and Aqua Liberty is reinforces that heritage.

“It brings comfort, and independent stability to the bather, so they can truly relax and enjoy the experience. It removes the physical effort and contortion for carers in supporting their loved one in the bath. Bathtime becomes a pleasurable experience for everyone again!”

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