Designer and manufacturer Delapre Distribution has relaunched its long-handled pet bowl that eliminates the need for pet owners to pick up bowls from the floor, which can be difficult for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.

The No Bend Pet Bowl allows mobility-restricted pet owners to fill the food bowls on a convenient surface.

In the UK, more than 24 percent of UK households have a cat and a slightly larger percentage, 27 percent, own dogs, according to findings by the PDSA. Delapre Distribution believed that there are not enough mobility and disability products designed specifically to help with pet ownership, so it sought to create a helpful solution.

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The new No Bend Pet Bowl has an extendable handle that allows owners to fill the double 8oz bowls with food or water on a convenient surface, before simply placing it on the floor. The handle is removable for washing up or when placing in the dishwasher.

A rubber overmold now surrounds the base to prevent sliding, while an easy-grip handle makes carrying easier.

Matt Oakley, Co-Inventor and Director at Delapre Distribution, said: “We get lots of messages from people telling us how much difference the No Bend Pet Bowl has made to their daily lives. It’s important for people to feel like they can care for their own pets.”

Currently available on the No Bend Pet Bowl website in Red and retailing at £24.95 inc. VAT, the range will soon expand to include different colours including Light Grey and Black.

Another everyday household item that has been carefully designed to support those with mobility limitations is the Uccello Easy Pour Kettle and Tipper, which went viral on TikTok last year.

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