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Taking Care, a provider of 24/7 telecare response services across the UK, has teamed up with digital telecare solution provider Oysta Technology to deliver a flexible GPS personal alarm and fall detector that gives alarm users and their families peace of mind whilst on the go.

The alarm package combines the Oysta Pearl II with Taking Care’s award-winning, UK-based alarm monitoring service. This means clients can feel safe in the knowledge that when they’re out and about, help is available quickly at the press of a button.

For those who are used to being independent, the idea of needing more support may seem a little daunting, Taking Care notes.

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To help with this, the Oysta Pearl II is a lightweight, discreet solution that looks and works a bit like a mobile phone. It is connected to Taking Care’s 24/7 Emergency Resolution team and as well as making and receiving calls, the device automatically detects falls and will trigger a call to the Emergency Resolution Centre if it thinks the user has sustained a fall.

The Oysta Pearl II offers a variety of handy features that make it suitable for people with wide-ranging support needs. The braille SOS button and option to turn on voice commands makes this device accessible for those who are visually impaired, whilst features such as online location tracking, pre-set location alerts and 24/7 access to Taking Care’s Dementia Friendly-trained Emergency Resolution team make this a viable option for those with dementia.

Mario Zuccaro, Founder at Oysta Technology, said: “I’m thrilled to be working with Taking Care. A great team to be part of, not only do they have a focus on service that really helps and supports the VIP, but they care about the challenges and experiences of vulnerable people; offering practical products and services to make daily living better. This fits perfectly with our own values here at Oysta.”

Based on user feedback and in line with its own vision to help as many people as possible live independently, the last 12 months has seen Taking Care add a number of new in-home and GPS monitored telecare options.

The addition of the Oysta Pearl II to this product line-up means that users can now find a telecare solution to suit most needs and lifestyles and that is connected to its award-winning service and Emergency Resolution team.

Steve Gates, Managing Director of Taking Care, commented: “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Working with Oysta Technology is a key part of our commitment to give older adults a choice in how they access support.

“We know that Oysta Technology shares our ethos, as can be seen with the Pearl II – its most customer-centric product to-date, designed by a panel of consumers, healthcare workers and commissioners, to deliver a product that is genuinely wanted and needed.

“The functionality of the Oysta Pearl II combined with access to Taking Care’s award winning, 24/7 emergency resolution services, means customers can be confident that they can get help in the event of an accident or fall.”

Taking Care has been providing personal alarm services for more than 30 years. Each year, it handles over 25,000 emergency alarm calls from older and vulnerable people.

In January 2021, Taking Care selected Anthropos to power its Taking Care Safe Home Alert. Taking Care says it chose Anthropos as the platform has been proven to deliver trustworthy, accurate intelligence and provides products that are centred around the user and bring reassurance to families.

The Taking Care Smart Home Alert allows families and carers to know what is happening when they can’t be with the vulnerable person every day and may not notice changes in their daily routine that could indicate they need more support.

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