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A new modular Changing Places facility incorporating a variety of assistive technologies, like an overhead hoist system and a changing bench, will cater to visitors to The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade who have complex care needs, as well as their carers.

UK Government statistics reveal that over 250,000 people in the UK require access to a Changing Places facility, as standard accessible toilets are unable to meet their care needs.

By including a modular Changing Place facility, which opens in August, the Tattoo venue will cater for visitors with complex care needs who require carer support, appropriate equipment, and more space.

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Changing Place supplier Innova Care Concepts supplied and installed the new facility, including specialist healthcare equipment such as an overhead hoist system. This helps to eliminate the need to lift a person manually, reducing the strain on carers’ backs and the risk of injury to the person being transferred.

Bob Oliver, Commercial Director for Innova Care Concepts, said: “It has been our pleasure to help the Tattoo by installing a new modular Changing Place facility, enabling more people with complex care requirements to attend their event.

“We have been able to deliver a quick and flexible solution to meet their accessibility needs, as the Changing Place can be moved and used for different Tattoo events throughout the year. Equipped with specialist healthcare equipment such as a height-adjustable wash basin, the Tattoo will be able to offer appropriate toileting and changing facilities to accommodate those who require carer support and more space.

“This new facility reiterates how important it is for not just outdoor venues, but all kinds of public facilities to have a Changing Place. Not only do they benefit your venue in making it more inclusive, but they also enhance your customers’ quality of life.”

Changing Places Edinburgh Tattoo image

The new facility will be used every year for the festival, helping to make the annual event accessible for all.

Jason Barrett, Chief Operating Officer at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, commented: “At the Tattoo we believe culture should be available to all, and we are delighted to work with Innova Care Concept to add this facility to our venue for 2022. We are excited to welcome our audience – old and new – back to the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade in August.”

Changing Places has received increased UK Government funding over recent years.

Last year, councils were encouraged to apply for a share of a £30 million fund to install life-enhancing Changing Places toilets in public places and tourist attractions, providing a significant increase in areas where users want them most.

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