ROPOX QuickWash basin diagram explains features.

Healthcare professionals can find out more about Ropox’s accessible and height-adjustable bathroom solutions this week at Naidex.

On stand H24, Ropox will exhibit examples from its portfolio of accessible bathroom equipment, including the SwingLine and QuickWash washbasins, the Ropox Bathtub and the range of changing/shower beds at the NEC in Birmingham on 6 and 7 July 2022.

The unique ergonomic design of the height-adjustable SwingLine washbasin from Ropox ensures it will fit in the smallest of rooms; the basin can be positioned to better suit wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility.

Available with or without manual height adjustment and depending on the model, the range of adjustment on the SwingLine washbasin is 15cm for models without a dock-in and 20cm for models with the dock-in. This allows the user or their carer to set the height at the optimum level.

The Swing washbasin is designed to look equally at home in a domestic or care setting while still meeting the needs of the individual and their carer.

Man in powerchair washes hands at Ropox QuickWash basin.
QuickWash basin in use.

The height-adjustable QuickWash basin comes forward from the wall meaning the user does not have to bend or reach from their wheelchair, which can cause a negative effect on their posture.

Requiring no electrics, the QuickWash is easy to install, and, when in the initial up position, the 500mm wide basin’s projection off the wall is 530mm and 630mm when lowered.

The basin can be lowered from its fixed point by 140mm and out from the wall by 100mm making it the ideal solution for wheelchair users who may struggle to reach the standard height that washbasins are typically installed at.

Where a shower is not suitable, the height-adjustable Ropox Bathtub is an “ideal” solution. The height is adjustable from 61cm to 91cm using an electrical control that enables the user to be comfortably transferred from the bath to a changing bench, which also reduces the need for manual handling.

The bathtub is available in three sizes: 160cm, 170cm and 180cm. All models have a depth of 40cm and are suitable for children and adults.

In addition, the Ropox mobile shower/changing bed is height adjustable. The ‘smooth’ electric height adjustment enables the carer to obtain the best possible working condition while the flexible slats are designed to ensure the user is comfortable at all times.

There are two versions of the mobile shower/changing bed available: a folding nursing bench that has a 70cm height adjustment or a moveable bench that has a 40cm height adjustment.

Cleaning the mobile shower/changing bed is very easy, as the unit is fully moulded and has a minimum number of dirt traps, and, to save space, the wall mounted version can be folded up against the wall when not in use.

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