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Mobility supplier Fortuna Mobility has formed a UK partnership with Ornamin, which specialises in eating and drinking aids and supplies more than 2,000 care institutions around the world.

Working with occupational therapists (OTs) and nurses, Ornamin has developed a range of attractive, intelligent and functional crockery for people with limited motor skills in their hands, necks or arms, or anyone needing care.

The stylish range aims to remove the stigma of using ‘special’ crockery, which in turn improves dignity, inclusion and independence, while also easing the support needed from families, carers or care home staff.

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Aids include mugs with a unique cone-shaped interior design, which help anyone with limited neck and arm movement or who is bed bound to drink without assistance; plates and bowls that are non-slip with a sloped base, making it easier to trap the food (especially useful for those who have problems using their hands); and non-slip grip cutlery that provides a firm hold for a user with clammy, shaky or numb hands.

Elaine Ferguson, Mobility Services Manager of Fortuna Mobility, commented: “We’re delighted to partner Ornamin and be able to offer this attractive, innovative range of tableware to both our customers and other retailers in the UK.

“The Ornamin mission, which is based on maintaining independence and improving care by providing invisible support through intelligent design, whilst also protecting future generations by using long-lasting and recyclable materials, is one that Fortuna wholeheartedly endorses. We look forward to working with Ornamin, distributing their attractive and cost effective products, plus displaying them in our showroom.”

All of the products are 100 per cent recyclable, durable, light to lift, quiet to use and break-resistant.

Retail prices for the Ornamin range at Fortuna start from £4.99 exc VAT. Products are eligible for 0% VAT, where applicable.

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