According to TGA, occupational therapists visiting the 2018 OT Show discovered the moving and handling benefits of the wheelchair Powerpack range from TGA.

For over 30 years, TGA has been a provider of specialist mobility equipment including mobility scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs and wheelchair powerpacks. It cooperates closely with OTs to ensure clients living with restricted mobility can enjoy better independence and well-being.

At the recent OT Show, TGA showcased a selection of its award-winning range which included the ergonomic Strongback wheelchair, wheelchair Powerpacks, WHILL Model C Powerchair and transportable Zest Plus mobility scooter.

TGA Product Specialists said they were busy throughout the show, discussing individual requirements with OTs and explaining why its client-centric, assessment-led services provide appropriate product provision.

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Out of all the products showcased, TGA wheelchair Powerpacks proved the most popular with professional visitors as the range delivers a proven solution to minimise the strain of pushing an attendant controlled wheelchair.

Endorsed by occupational therapists, the four TGA Powerpacks provide powered propulsion so pushing a wheelchair is strain-free. They consist of a motor, wheel(s), battery pack and handle grip controls that are operated by a carer. They facilitate a better experience outdoors for both the wheelchair user and carer with greater accessibility, flexibility and range.

Each powerpack is compatible with most wheelchair designs, including specialist tilt-in-space models, through a variety of fitting brackets. The Solo, Duo, HD and PLUS models provide a choice in terms of power and traction. The PLUS is a proven bariatric solution that propels occupants weighing up to 32 stone.

TGA Powerpacks are able to fit under a wheelchair, so unhindered walking is possible for the carer, and the company says the controls are simple and responsive. By fitting a Powerpack to an attendant controlled wheelchair, the risk of back and muscle injury is minimised, particularly when negotiating uneven surfaces, slopes and kerbs.

All the TGA Powerpacks are compatible with the lightweight TGA Strongback wheelchair.

Eric Cooper, TGA Wheelchair Specialist, said: “Back injury prevention and safer moving and handling of people are top priorities in the care sector. This why our powerpacks are deemed by many OTs as an essential solution for all carers, relatives and friends who are required to push a wheelchair.

“As a manual wheelchair attendant you can experience musculoskeletal injury especially when attempting to tackle slopes, kerbs and uneven ground. This can result in mobility difficulties and sickness for carers which in turn affects the wheelchair users.

“By fitting a motorised powerpack to the underside of a wheelchair, carers need only steer and control direction without the need to strain or bend excessively. Combined with the reliability of our designs, refined over a period of 20 years, the TGA powerpack commonly represents a healthcare professional’s first choice for powered wheelchair propulsion.”

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