At the 2018 OT Show, Precision Rehab showcased a variety of powerchairs, which the company says received extremely positive feedback from healthcare professionals visiting the show.

Precision exhibited the UPnRIDE and Sunrise Q700 UP M standing powered wheelchairs as well as the Paravan PR50, Paravan PR30 Evo II and the Paravan Piccolino, which features a low to floor seat height of 38cm with an option of 36cm.

Matthew James, Co-Director at Precision Rehab, said: “The OT Show has been great for us in the past, and this year’s event was no different. The two-day event was a fantastic platform for us to showcase and demonstrate our range of powered wheelchairs to OT’s from around the UK and discuss their client’s requirements and book assessments in a relaxed and friendly environment.”

According to the company, the UPnRIDE is a life-changing innovation in standing chair technology and is the first powered wheelchair of its kind in the UK to offer auto balancing and unchanged centre of gravity to ensure the user has continuous stability, even when travelling up or down slopes. Additional feelings of stability and safety are provided by the jointed braces and harness straps.

The Q700 UP M is a standing powered wheelchair which allows the user to lie flat or stand due to its biomechanical standing seating system, enabling the user to stand at up to 85˚ so they can interact with friends and family face to face.

With a narrow base of 620mm and a turning circle of just 1250mm, the Q700 UP M is highly manoeuvrable in confined spaces and easily fits under tables and into wheelchair accessible vehicles due to its low seat height of 445mm.

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