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The AbleGamers Foundation, a charity which aims to give people with disabilities the opportunity to game, has teamed up with numerous industry giants to donate £7,600 worth of accessible gaming resources to a children’s hospital.

As part of the charity’s Expansion Pack, the charity gifted the gaming equipment to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans with the help of Microsoft, HyperX and Humble Bundle.

A number of accessibility devices were donated, including Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, HyperX headsets, keyboards, mouse, and mousepads, as well as some games from Microsoft. In addition, Humble Bundle contributed proceeds from its Humble Monthly Bundle to the package.

“Everyone deserves to have fun,” said Mark Barlet, Executive Director and Founder of AbleGamers. “We believe with the right set of tools and training, every hospital can have the ability to use video games for fun and rehabilitation.

“Some patients have a permanent disability, some have a temporary disability, and others are just sick and need a place to retreat away from the pain.

“Video games provide that way to escape from your troubles, make new friends, or stay connected to loved ones.”

AbleGamers Expansion Pack image

Launched in 2016, AbleGamers’ monthly Expansion Pack provides free customised packages of assistive gaming technologies to facilities with special needs patients with a mission of ensuring gaming is accessible to everyone. The package includes assistive technologies, custom controllers, specialised training sessions and video games.

Rene Assetta Guilbeau, Director, Child Life and Creative Therapies at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, commented: “We’re so grateful for the support of AbleGamers and all the other sponsors who are donating items as part of this Expansion Pack.

“Hospitals can be a scary place for children and research has shown that playing video games can serve as a much-needed distraction – or even help as a therapy tool.

“Providing this specialized equipment will allow our patients to enjoy video games regardless of their disabilities, which will hopefully brighten up their days and allow them to have a little fun.”

Set-up for the assistive gaming equipment at the hospital begins on 12th July.

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