Baffin TRIO

Based at Northampton University’s Innovation Centre, BAFFIN Technology Systems (BTS) brings together people with extensive experience of working with disabled children and young people. Their aim is to improve the lives of both users and carers across the country with their BAFFIN range.

Baffin automatic sesja Wawa3Parents of children with degenerative diseases such as cerebral palsy know that poor posture leads to complications that can have painful and heart-breaking consequences.  Many patients who suffer from muscular or skeletal defects, or are recovering from a serious injury or an operation, need constant postural management and substantial physical support to help them maintain their independence and prevent further deterioration.

The BAFFIN range of multifunctional chairs and standing frames uses patented Second Spine Technology and includes the BAFFIN TRIO, NEOsit RS and BUGGY, with each one fitted to the user’s anatomy by a physiotherapist.  Sitting, standing or lying down, the multifunctional standing and sitting systems enable the carer (and even the user) to change the user’s position easily and safely, helping to prevent long-term deterioration and a number of other problems associated with just sitting in a traditional wheelchair.

The Second Spine reduces pressure on the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems and not only supports the spine but by keeps the whole posture in the correct position, enhancing independence and facilitating feeding, learning and playing.

Marianne Lopez-Sanchez from the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Austria commented that the Second Spine “without doubt, prevents future surgical interventions and consequently reduces the amount of stress for the patient and their carers.”

BTS says that whilst the technology may not be able to prevent the tragedy of diseases like cerebral palsy, they hope it will significantly improve the lives of those that suffer from it.

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