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New wearable glasses that are clinically proven to significantly enhance vision for those with eye disease and disorders that lead to low vision and legal blindness have been launched by eSight.

Following extensive research and feedback from users, cutting-edge vision enhancement platform eSight has launched the latest version of its assistive innovation for people with vision impairments, eSight 4.

According to eSight, the eSight 4 glasses set a new standard for enhanced vision technology by providing greater visual clarity, more versatile hardware for everyday use, and new advanced cloud-based capabilities and mobile apps.

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The smart glasses can be used to support people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and Stargardt’s disease.

Robert Vaters, eSight CEO and President, said: “eSight launched as an unbelievable breakthrough in technology, and has since moved to a clinically validated solution for people living with eye disease and disorders that’s widely acclaimed by leading low vision medical professionals.

“While the technology continues to advance, our mission remains the same: to create a more inclusive world and empower the low vision community to see new possibilities.”

The vision-enhancing technology works by stimulating the remaining synaptic activity in the user’s eyes to provide the brain with increased visual information.

eSight 4 brings new advancements in the following three key areas:

Greater visual acuity

eSight 4 combines camera, lens and screens, backed by powerful custom software, to enable people with vision impairments to see more clearly and in greater detail.

This includes improved auto-focus; 24x zoom, focus and contrast; custom viewing modes; and two high-resolution screens (1280×960) for full binocular vision that integrate with the user’s own prescription lenses to enable greater visual clarity.

Enhanced versatility

Boasting greater mobility and versatility, eSight 4 claims to move “seamlessly” with the wearer’s lifestyle, whether reading or out and about.

This is due to the wireless and hands-free functionality, and a patented bioptic tilt feature which allows users to see what’s in front of them using eSight and maintain what’s around them using their remaining peripheral vision.

Cloud-based capabilities

According to the company, eSight 4 also provides advanced capabilities in terms of community, support, entertainment and connectivity. This includes shared accounts – an eSight exclusive feature – that allows users to invite loved ones, or eSight support, to securely see what they see and help customise their experience.

Furthermore, using the mobile app, users can view their mobile screen on their eSight where they can freeze and zoom to see the details, watch video streaming on their phone on their eSight, and save and share photos and videos captured on their eSight to the user’s mobile device.

As eSight 4 is cloud-based, users can also get instant access to the latest features, which the company believes sets the stage for new possibilities for innovative community and adaptive learning capabilities.

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