Elderly peoples' hands

Using cutting-edge assistive technology to help elderly people remain independent in their own homes, Rochdale Borough Council’s innovative approach to supporting its residents has been praised by locals.

The council’s assistive technology is playing a vital role in ensuring people can remain independent in their own homes, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and providing peace of mind to families that their loved ones are okay.

One such example of the council’s pioneering approach to keeping a Rochdale resident safe at home is 85-year-old Gillian Smith.

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Gillian has dementia and Rochdale Borough Council has provided her with grab rails, bed sensors, a property exit sensor and a falls detector to help maintain her independence.

If it detects a fall, the specially designed detector triggers an immediate phone call from the council’s partner organisation Eldercare. If Gillian needs help, or there is no answer, a warden calls round to check everything is okay.

Other gadgets include a bed sensor, which alerts a warden if Gillian gets up and falls during the night, and a door sensor, which triggers an alert to family members if Gillian has gone outside, so they can check she is okay.

Gillian’s family have praised the council’s pioneering approach to helping Gillian live independently at home.

Joanne Pearson, Gillian’s daughter, said: “We are delighted with the superb services my mum has been provided with. It keeps her safe, independent and protects her, which is brilliant because she loves it at home, so we have a lot to thank the council for.

“When there has been a concern or issue, Eldercare have been straight on the phone, which is fantastic for reassuring us that everything is okay with mum.

“I would recommend this technology to anyone, especially if it can ensure a loved one continues to live independently, which is what my mum wants to do.”

Rochdale Borough Council also offers other assistive technology services, such as smoke alarms, ambient temperature sensors and flood detectors.

Councillor Iftikhar Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, commented: “This is a great story, which underlines how adult’s care innovative services are benefitting elderly and vulnerable people.

“We are proud of the assistive technology we are providing our residents. It is making people safer in their own homes, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and retaining people’s independence.

“We are developing new technology all the time, which will continue to reduce health inequalities across the borough, deliver dedicated support and ensure that people age well.”

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