new_cushion_TNAfter suffering from sciatic pain, Ian Garside, a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist, decided to do something about it. After initial prototyping, Ian discovered a cushion which could effectively relieve the sciatic pain when seated.

Excited at the benefits, Ian moved to commercialise the cushion so that others could be helped by it and given relief from the debilitating pain associated with sciatica. He formed IGMD Ltd, along with fellow Directors Mark Dunwell and Jo Milnes, and as a result developed a class 1 medical device.

Clinical trials undertaken have shown that over 93% of users have reported a reduction in their sciatic pain associated with the use of the cushion.

It does this by offloading the pressure on the sciatic nerve on the side of the body where the pain is felt, providing a more comfortable seated position for those who experience sciatic pain.

The cushion is highly effective and easy to use in all seated situations according to the company, with a carrying handle to allow easy transportation for use in a range of settings, including use on transport such as cars and flights.

The company now plans to simultaneously showcase the product at the Back Pain Show in Birmingham on the 19th and 20th May, as well as launching a crowdfunding project through Indiegogo.

You can watch a video about the new product below:

To find out more about the new cushion, visit the new website HERE

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