Able2 EZ Fold-N-Go image

Daily living product manufacturer Able2 has revealed the launch of its new EZ Fold-N-Go rollator, allowing individuals to easily pack the product away when out and about and ensuring hassle-free travel.

According to the company, the EZ Fold-N-Go addresses the issue of cumbersome rollators, which can be difficult to pack away when travelling or in public spaces, such as on a train or in a crowded restaurant.

Folding both widthways and front to back, Able2’s new rollator measures at 33 x 25cm when folded and is easy to tuck in a corner out of the way when on the go.

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Able2 Managing Director Mark Diaj explained: “Crowded public transport, tightly squeezed in coffee shop tables and even small rooms at home mean that tucking your walking aid out of the way is nigh on impossible in many situations.

“It’s why Able2 have been on the lookout for a folding mechanism that enables a rollator to collapse down significantly smaller; reducing its impact when not in use.”

At 6.1kg, the EZ Fold-N-Go strikes is lightweight enough to be easy to use, but has enough weight to ensure that it is sturdy and reliable for users. It also comes in a range of colours.

Able2 is a national supplier to mobility retailers, pharmacies and the healthcare sector, offering a wide range of aids that are designed to make life easier for individuals.

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