VIP2 Karma Wheelchair Manual Reclined

A new reclining manual wheelchair from Karma Mobility is aiming to address the common issue of sliding by carefully placing the pivot point of the chair close to a user’s hip.

The VIP2 is the latest manual wheelchair from the company, which aims to offer users a combination of tilt-in-space and reclining positions to ensure they can achieve optimum levels of pressure relief and position.

Featuring a 35 -degree tilt, the chair comes with either a backrest with fixed recline positions, adjustable from -5-degrees to 15-degrees or an adjustable reclining back of 30-degrees.

In addition, the manual wheelchair also comes with an adjustable headrest with a greater range of position options and other enhancements including a deeper seat for taller users and a tension adjustable backrest.

The company says it has addressed the feedback from customers regarding the risk of sliding with the new placement of the pivot point close to a user’s hip joint, synchronising the motion of the body and the chair and greatly reducing the sensation of sliding when reclining.

As well as the concern surrounding sliding, the company highlighted that some individuals identified feeling anxious when going to the tilt position.

To tackle the affect, the chair includes a unique weight shifting system allowing the centre of gravity to travel between the front and rear wheels whilst tilting, providing steadier balance and a greater feeling of security.

The foldable design of the VIP2 also ensures it can be easily transported in the boot of most standard family sized cars.

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