DruckOticon, industry leaders in advanced audiology and hearing aid technology, has won a prestigious Red Dot design award for Oticon Opn – the world’s first internet connected hearing aid.

The award is a reflection of the design aesthetics of Oticon Opn which incorporates a raft of technical, performance and functionality innovations; a great achievement for a device so small.

Ole Asboe Jørgensen, VP, Global Sales & Marketing, Oticon A/S, said: “Incorporating innovative new technologies into a hearing aid and at the same time creating an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use and comfortable device was a great challenge. So to receive a Red Dot award is a fantastic testament to all the work that went into creating Opn.”

The Opn includes a number of world-first technologies, including TwinLink, the first dual communication system to combine binaural processing with streamer-free connectivity; an ultra-fast Velox platform, enabling users to handle noisy environments and follow rapidly changing conversations involving several speakers; and internet connectivity.

As the world’s first internet connected hearing aid, Opn can effectively ‘talk’ with other connected devices such as doorbells, security cameras and baby alarms. As such, it is potentially life-changing for people with hearing impairments. Red Dot hailed the incorporation of all these technological innovations into a hearing aid that managed to maintain an aesthetically striking design.

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