The Department for Education has announced a major review into improving support for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), building on the Prime Minister’s pledge to ensure every pupil can access the education that is right for them.

The announcement comes following Education Health and Care plans, launched five years ago by the Government, which ensured children with complex needs receive the proper support they need whilst in education.

Now, the review will consider how the system has evolved, how it can be made to work best for all families and ensure quality of provision is the same across the country.

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Additionally, the review aims to improve the services available to families who need support, equip staff in schools and colleges to respond effectively to children with SEND’s needs and end the ‘postcode lottery’ they often face.

It will also consider key issues on preparing children and young people with SEND for adulthood and employment; helping parents make informed decisions about the best kind of support for their child; and giving schools, colleges and local authorities incentives and accountability to ensure they provide the best possible support for children and young people with SEND.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “I want parents to know that we’re committed to boosting outcomes and ensuring the right support is in place for children with special educational needs, by breaking down the barriers to a good education and making sure the system works for families.

“That is why the Prime Minister committed to providing an extra £700 million next year, an 11% increase, to make sure these children can access the education that is right for them.

“Our reforms in 2014 gave vital support to more children, but we know there have been problems in delivering the changes that we all want to see. So it’s the right time to take stock of our system and make sure the excellence we want to see as a result of our changes is the norm for every child and their families.”

The review will conclude with action to boost outcomes and improve value for money, so that vulnerable children have the same opportunities to succeed.

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