Opera Care has launched a new range of turning adjustable beds to complement their existing range of profiling beds. The beds are all designed to help patients reach a standing position independently through advanced mechanisms such as rotational mattress platforms and front exit tilt.

A turning adjustable bed has the ability to take a disabled or elderly user from a supine/lying position to a near standing position. There are two bed types that enable this:

Rotating chair beds

On a rotating chair bed, the profiling mattress platform is used to sit the user up in bed, electrically adjusted to create a seated, chair-like position. The mattress base is then electrically rotated 90 degrees so that the chair is facing out from the bed. The user then uses armrests/grab rails to help reach a standing position.

Opera Care’s rotating chair beds also have a riser function. When the mattress platform is rotated and facing out from the bed, the riser function enables the user to tilt the chair forward, much like an electric riser chair. Once tilted, the user’s ability to stand is much improved.

Front exit beds

Front exit beds work by raising the bed base backrest and footrest and then tilting the whole bed forward. This creates an upright chair-like shape. The footboard is removed and replaced with grab handles to help the user to stand. A key benefit of a front exit bed is its ability to perform Trendelenburg functions. They also mean side rails never need to be lowered as exit from the bed is achieved at the foot end, not at the sides of the bed.

Design-led beds for community care

Opera Care are well known for supplying a medical product range that looks appealing as well as providing specialist benefits for users. The new range of stand assist beds are true to this ethos and are both appealing to look at as well as giving users advanced medical and mobility functions.

Homely wood surrounds and design options are ensuring Opera Care’s new bed range is popular in community care environments, particularly in the home. Persons that require significant mobility support who seek independence at home are often not willing to dampen the warmth of a home environment with clinical equipment. The new turning adjustable bed range by Opera Care is helping to address this desire.

Configurable designs

Opera Care’s new range includes a number of design options to suit varying customer need and preference. Designs include a rotating chair bed that can be fitted into an existing bed base and a customisable rotating chair bed with head/foot board and wood colour options.

For more information about the new range, view Opera Care’s range of turning adjustable beds HERE

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