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Technology enabled care (TEC) provider Doro has launched an innovative new service as part of its mobile phone division to give users instant access to support in the case of an emergency.

‘Response by Doro’ is an easy to use in-built response button that ensures the user is always connected to assistance if needed. The service gives users access to instantaneous, 24-hour support, which Doro says is particularly important during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The service allows users to invite an unlimited number of family or friends to be notified instantly in case of an emergency. The service will be connected to the Response button, located on the back of all Doro phones, providing the users with added reassurance.

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Once pressed, pre-selected ‘responders’ will receive an alarm and GPS notification disclosing the location of the user. The responders will be given an option to accept or reject the call based on their availability and proximity to help the user. Whether they accept or decline the call, all other pre-selected responders will be notified.

As part of Doro’s Premium service, if no responders accept the alarm within 60 seconds, the service will automatically dial Doro’s trained staff at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). From there, Doro operators will advise, triage and support users accordingly.

If necessary, they will be able to transfer the call to the emergency services, as well as report on their location.

Doro has joined forces with BT to offer BT Mobile and EE mobile customers with a Doro handset the first month’s access to Response Premium for free.

Peter Marsden, Managing Director of Doro UK & Ireland, said: “These services aim to provide Doro users and their loved ones with added security and peace of mind, at a time when it matters most. The Doro Response button has always been one of our phones’ signature features, ever since the founding of the company. Through the launch of Response Premium by Doro and Response by Doro, we look to boost the functionality of this unique feature.”

The services can be activated by setting up the pre-installed app on the Doro device and by responders downloading the Response by Doro app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. From there, the user needs to enter their mobile phone number to receive an authentication code to complete set up.

Danny Marshall, Device Portfolio Director at BT Consumer, commented: “We always look for ways to provide customers with great new services to support their mobile experience, including the most vulnerable users.

“Response Premium by Doro will give customers a quick and easy way to get professional help, at a touch of a button. This will help support independent living and provide additional peace of mind for friends and relatives.”

For Response Premium by Doro, the ARC subscription set-up process is also quick and straightforward to complete. The responder needs to add a few details to activate their subscription and will be given the option to ask the user to test call the ARC team.

The responder will be required to provide payment details. If there are any further details the ARC team requires from the user, they can collect these during the test call.

Through launching Response Premium by Doro and Response by Doro, Doro looks to strengthen its offering to elderly people, with the option of added safety and security, enabling them to live life to the full.

Doro phones, including one month’s free of Response Premium by Doro, will be available to purchase through EE stores nationwide, over the phone and via the EE website, as well as for BT Mobile customers over the phone and via the BT website 

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