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A new non-invasive technology pain relief device has been launched to help combat chronic and persistent musculoskeletal pain by NOVA Medical Solutions called QTECH.

According to NOVA, QTECH has no known side effects and is worn against the skin between the site of the pain and the brain with current tests suggesting that it can be effective in helping to combat chronic and persistent musculoskeletal pain caused by repetitive movement, injury and conditions such as arthritis.

QTECH incorporates Super-Quartz into a flexible, silicone material and is currently available as a bracelet for wrist and hand pain, and a limb band for elbow. Light and easy to wear, QTECH bracelets and bands allow individuals to continue doing the things they need to do at work, home and at play.

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Within the next six months, the company has confirmed that intend to extend the range to include a necklace for neck pain, limb bands for knee and ankle pain, and body bands for back pain.

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According to NOVA, nine out of 10 people in the UK who have tried QTECH for their persistent pain have reported rapid reduction or disappearance of pain within 20 minutes to seven days, with the onset of relief sometimes being within a few minutes. Many users report a lasting effect from QTECH after they have stopped wearing it, the company adds.

The clever device works by intercepting the pain waves sent by the brain to affected nerves. QTECH incorporates the piezoelectric properties of quartz, which NOVA says are well known for their ability to release energy but are less well known for their ability to absorb energy.

Using this absorption property, QTECH incorporates a special, rare type of ‘shocked’ quartz crystal called Super-Quartz, which absorbs energy and thus disrupts the transmission of pain waves, providing effective pain relief for individuals.

Dr Michael Flynn, Chairman of NOVA Medical Solutions, said: “We do believe this to be a disruptive technology which has the potential to enhance the well-being of some sufferers in a non-invasive way, free from the side effects associated with long-term use of pain relief tablets.”

QTECH is manufactured in the UK by CMS Medical under license from NOVA Medical Solutions.

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