Etac Wheelchair

The Etac Prio is a comfort wheelchair with unique innovations. By changing seat and back angles and adjusting the elevating leg supports, you can vary body position and pressure points, which is important for seating comfort. But the Etac Prio achieves more than this through its dynamic features:

  • When the back is reclined, the dynamic pelvic support releases the tension, giving the user a relaxed reclined position
  • The head support follows the same dynamic principle: It moves slightly backwards when raising the wheelchair user to an upright position, which gives the user freedom to move the head.
  • Thanks to the Comfort Tilt Lock, there is no risk in unintentionally leaving the user in too upright a position as the tilt lock automatically stops the tilt at a preset angle, ensuring a relaxed and safe position.

Benefits to the User:

  • Greater Seating Comfort
    • The Dynamic head support automatically shifts position between re­clined and upright position, so the support doesn’t push the user’s head forward when sitting up
    • The Dynamic pelvic support has a  unique pelvic strap adjustment giving stable, comfortable and the correct support when sitting up. The pelvic strap automatically loosens in a reclined position
  • Improved mobility. Several options for wheel size and positioning make Etac Prio extremely well bal­anced, which facilitates the user’s own propelling of the chair
  • Stable and safe. The unique seat comfort, combined with the neat but robust design, ensures a stable position that makes Etac Prio a long-term “partner” retaining its safety and benefits for many years

Benefits to the Caregiver

  • Improved Handling
    • Easy to tilt. It is possible to tilt the wheelchair while standing beside the chair and having eye contact with the user. The Comfort Tilt Lock also guides to a comfortable and correct position, so that you don’t risk the user being positioned too far forward
    • Light and compact – easy to manoeuvre. Etac Prio is easy to lift and transport, push and turn, even in when reclined and in small spaces. Tilting also demands very little effort. This reduces the strain and overall workload for the caregiver
  • Easy to make the user comfortable. Through the dynamic head support, the caregiver doesn’t need to adjust the head support every time the user changes between sitting and leaning/lying down, or add an extra pillow
  • Easy Adjustability. Many options and smooth, intuitive adjustments make it easy to adjust the wheel-chair according to the user’s size and need

We all come in different shapes and sizes which is why the Etac Prio offers many options in size, padding and cushions, seat depth, wheels and accessories. It comes with a 5 year warranty and has a lifespan in most cases of more than 10 years.

When the back support is reclined, the tension in the pelvic strap is automatically released, letting the wheelchair user sink back.

When the back support is brought to an upright position, the Dynamic Pelvic Support retightens the tension and gives a firm support.

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