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Sunrise Medical has officially launched the first in a new series of powered wheelchairs, the Quickie Salsa Q100R, designed to work seamlessly indoors and outdoors.

The first product launch from Quickie’s new Q-range of powerchairs, the rear-wheel powered wheelchair aims to challenge indoor/outdoor powerchair standards as it is compact for indoor agility but has the stability and performance necessary for the outdoors.

According to Sunrise, the Quickie Salsa Q100R is the result of substantial testing and development using an innovative method known as SMART base technology. The SMART base technology meant that Sunrise were able to test 100s of configurations to find the right balance between manoeuvrability and agility, and stability and traction.

As a result of the testing process, the Quickie Salsa Q100R has a footprint of 540mm wide and 1010mm long with a 1600mm turning circle. The leg-rest and the controller can also swing outwards, so the Salsa Q100R can get closer to objects like tables and chairs for easier transfers.

Weighing 95kg, the powerchair can fold into a compact package, making it ideal for hoisting in and out of a car. Additionally, it can climb kerbs of up to 4” from a standing start.

Historically, indoor/outdoor wheelchairs haven’t cope well with steep gradients, but the Salsa Q100R was able to solve this issue due to its SMART base technology. Precision testing determined that a 1010mm base length provides the best stability to prevent tipping and keep the user safe, even when travelling or climbing hills of up to 6 degrees.

Quickie Salsa Q100R image

In addition, SMART base testing also allowed Quickie to determine the optimum seating position for maximum traction, ensuring a safe, smooth and responsive ride.

Powered by 55Ah batteries, the electric wheelchair is capable of longer city trips as it is able to go up to 19 miles on a single charge. The powerchair is also available in a choice of four colour inlays and decals: green, blue, black, red.

As well as utilising new testing technology, Quickie offers lots of configuration and fine-tuning in the powerchair, including a 5-strap adjustable back to meet postural requirements. The powerchair can also be fitted with JAY cushions and backrests for a more comfortable or clinically appropriate seating solution.

Its retail starting price is £2,750 which Sunrise says is £1,000 cheaper than some comparable entry-level powered wheelchairs on the market.

Sunrise Medical is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of manual & powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters and seating & positioning systems.

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